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Flipping Page Guestbook
Author: Lady Ann
June 15, 2011
Rewritten from my friend WolvieCreations HERE

Please visit her site.

Link to download Ulead GIF-X Plugin 2.0 Plugin

Click HERE to download.

Link to download book page.

Click HERE to download.

Open book page.jpg.

book page

Colorize book page to match webset.

book page

Layers>Promote Background

book page

Image>Canvas Size
500 X 500 Pixels
Placement: Bottom Right

canvas settings

Should look like this.

book page preview

Add your image and or text on the page.

Should look like this.

add graphic

Highlight Top Layer.

Layers>>Merge>Merge Visible.

merge visible

Effects>Plugins>Ulead Effects>GIF-X Plugin 2.0


Save File within the Plugin.


Remember the file extension is GIF.

You should get this:

guestbook sample

Please sign my guest book if you have not done it.



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