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Place your main body of text here.

First colorize all the supplies to match your header.

It comes with a style sheet which formats the text and links.

The font color of the text is: #fe4488 so you need to replace my color with your colors.

You must also replace the light color which is #f7bfd4 with your light color.

The font used for the title is: Arial Black

You need to add your own links.

You must upload your edited style sheet and html code into one folder with your files.

Supplies and code here.

A blank header graphic is included so you can replace the name of this template with the name of your site.


1)This is a template for you to use so you can enjoy it anyway you like.

2) These are linkware graphics. That means in return for me allowing you to use these graphics on your web site for free, you supply to me a link back on each page you use my graphics. The link must be placed on the same page of the graphics and linked back to: